If you go to antique shops to find unexpected gems, or just to decorate your home with rare and quirky items, there are a handful of things that will be in almost every store you walk into. But this doesn’t mean that their value will be low.

If you were searching for something in particular and found it on this list, you should find it at your local antique shop too!

1. Silverware

Silverware has gone out of fashion in the current era, as tableware has to be polished often to keep its lovely shine. Most people would rather stick with stainless steel. Because of that real silverware has become somewhat rare by comparison, and as you know, rare often means valuable.

As people don’t want to pick up the spoons which take extra hard work to clean, you can also expect to find a couple pieces in most antique shops.

2. Coins

Coins are a very common collectors item. There are rare coins in every country as the minting manufacturers purposefully create less coins on specific years to balance out the economy.

The older a coin is, the more rare it will become. This is because banks send back coins to the minting manufacturers after a certain time period so new coins can replace broken ones.

Sometimes a 50p coin could be worth husbands of pounds!

3. Clocks

Even though clocks have been around for almost as long as we have, we are constantly redesigning them and adapting them. This is because we want them to fit our ever-changing styles. This means that you’ll find multiple clocks in an antique shop all of which can speak secret truths about their history.

The Best Wall Clock will come down to your own subjective option, but if you know about clock manufacturers or can point out historical designs, you should be able to point out the more valuable clocks in the lineup.

4. Jadeite

Almost every antique shop has these strange-looking mint green dishes. In the late 1930s, this mint green style was the height of fashion.  After World War II, almost every home would have at least one of these items on display.

If you find yourself looking at these bright and loud colors, turn over the dishes and search for McKee, Fire King, or Jeannette logos. These three companies were the original designers for Jadeite dishes, and so an authentic piece will be worth a lot of money.

5. Vinyl Records

There are two reasons why vinyl records are often seen in antique shops. The first is because they were considered amazing technology for their time, which meant that everyone in the era bought at least one copy to listen to crips music whenever they pleased. They are beautiful in size and design, which makes them amazing decorations.

The second reason is that most people have left the world of vinyl behind and use digital music devices instead.

However, many people still admire and adore the music and artistry of vinyl, which is why they still hold some value.

6. Antique Guitars

Anything from classical to electric guitars in every shape will be found at an antique store. Many people are unaware of how nostalgic the guitar community is for makers that aren’t even that old. Guitars made in the 60s or 70s can have amazing value simply due to it’s discounted but still loved fan base.

Because of this, we advise not to paint over or smash up any guitars without checking the brand and value first.

7. Vintage Toys

Vintage toys are often the source of horror movies, which is why they don’t tend to move quickly in antique shops. However, if you know the right kind of buyer, these rare items can be worth a fortune.

Even if you didn’t want to sell the toys, these stand-out playthings could be a beautiful addition to your home.

8. Depression Glass

Depression glass is the method of making colored glass shaped into repetitive patterns. They were common in the 20s to 40s, but were mass-produced to poor quality. Because of that, they are everywhere in antique shops. Not worth a lot, they can still bring a bit of pop to your home.

9. Tea and Dining Sets

Tea has always been considered a high-class occasion, so to make the time seem even grander, many sets were built to accompany the occasion. A complete set can be worth a lot of money; however, most still come with chips and missing items.

10. Antique Photographs

Photographs are the eyes of the past, and although most don’t hold any financial value, they can produce amazing insight into life, fashion, and the dynamics of times gone by.

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