10 ways to make your bathroom space stylish and smart

Isn’t it so good to be home? Well maybe it hasn’t been in the last year, but you can change that for yourself!

Giving your home the ambiance it needs can get you feeling great when you’re inside your home, keeping your mind at peace and determining the mood of your personal space. 

And this can be achieved by having stylish furniture and components that can relieve you of your stress and anxiety, while also letting you live in style. 

10 ways to make your bathroom space stylish and smart

Your home should invoke a sense of happiness and inspire you to stay in (because you should for some time now).

Novatech leaves no stone unturned as they have products that can make every living space look sophisticated, including your bathroom.

  • Hand Dryers

A really good range of stylish hand dryers machines can add to the look of your bathroom, while also promoting hygiene standards. 

They not only make your bathroom look modern, but can be useful to eliminate all germs from your hands. They not only let you dry your hands, but kill 99% of the germs and bacteria that could potentially cause you a lot of diseases.

Especially at a time when the flu is in the air, hand dryers could be the ultimate solution for your paranoia and virus worries. 

They’re also economical and a green step towards a sustainable tomorrow, reducing the usage of toilet paper and tissues. 

And above all, it can add a touch of class to make your bathroom look contemporary and fashionable. 

  • Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Having an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser mounted on your bathroom wall can redefine hygiene standards as it is the need of the hour at the moment. 

These automatic dispensers sense your hands under the nozzle and give you a generous amount of sanitizer, enough for both hands, avoiding touching the machine directly.  

These machines mostly function on infrared motion sensor technology, providing you hand hygiene at times where hand washing is unavailable.

Along with being a hygiene measure, these dispensers are extremely fashionable and add a modish touch to your bathroom

  • Soap/hand wash dispensers

Hand wash dispensers facilitate giving you a good amount of soap while also protecting you from other forms of contamination.  

They also protect the soap or the hand wash from climatic alterations, hazardous chemicals and other infections, increasing the soap’s shelf life. 

Hand wash dispensers are very sleek and will bring about a contemporary feel to your bathrooms. 

It’s minimalistic style adds to the luxurious look, while also giving you enough protection from viruses that could kill you. 

It also helps you save money by cutting down on costs you spend for soaps and sanitizers. 

It is also very convenient and is easy to refill it with more liquid soap and doesn’t usually create a mess. 

  • Tissue Dispensers

A tissue dispenser does exactly what it sounds like – dispenses tissues, reducing the wastage of tissue paper and making it convenient for you to get a tissue whenever you need it.


So whenever you need to pull out a tissue from a tissue roll, you don’t have to reach out to it, because you’ve got a tissue dispenser to make your life easier. 

Our range of tissue dispensers is designed to make your bathroom space look elegant and posh, while it also is an economical step towards a sustainable tomorrow. 

  • Automatic Water taps

Have you ever heard of saving water while living the luxurious life? Our automatic water tap range helps save 70% water and is the best touch to your contemporary style bathroom!

Automatic water taps conserve as much as 3-5% of the entire amount of water used by a regular household.

They are energy efficient, stylish and convenient, using infrared detection to turn on or turn off the tap whenever needed. 

The sensor in the faucet valve turns on as your hands come within close contact of the spout, bouncing the infrared light off your skin and to the detector.

They’re also really handy in a contact-less covid era.

  • Urinal Flushers

Urinal for home bathroom: Our automatic urinal sensors are one of our recommendations to you, as they make your life so much simpler. 

They work on the infrared detection principle and detect the user’s heat as he sits down on the toilet seat (or stands in front of it) and automatically flush after he’s done. 

If you’re someone that forgets to flush every time, then you have the ultimate product for yourself.
  • Sanitary Napkin Dispenser

One of the most important kinds of hygiene is a woman’s menstrual hygiene and it becomes crucial to maintain a sanitary environment during that time of the month.

And as the only solution to this, sanitary care products are the only way out of your sanitary pads disposal worries. 

As a step towards safe sanitation for women health, we suggest the use of sanitary disposal machines that will help dispose your pads, giving you all the comfort you need.

They also provide women with easy access to sanitary pads whenever they need them, giving them the kind of treatment they deserve. 

  • Automatic perfume dispensers

Automatic perfume dispensers make the air delightful in your bathroom, eliminating any kind of unwanted and unpleasant smells, giving you the aromatic experience. 

So every time you’re done with your bathroom business, you’ll leave no trace behind because the automatic perfume dispensers will cover it all up for you!

Apart from removing odours and leaving your bathroom smelling fresh and clean, an automatic air freshener or perfume dispenser is a classy touch to your bathroom space.

  • Concave mirrors

As bathroom designing enthusiasts, we know that concave mirrors can accelerate the style standards in your bathroom as they’re one of the most stylish products! 

Apart from facilitating you to get dressed and wear your makeup really easily, they also add a touch of sophistication, giving your bathroom a futuristic look. 

And with a concave shaving mirror you can see your face up close and feel more confident as you step out. 

And apart from being really useful, these mirrors are a really simple element to add to the aristocratic touch of your bathroom. 

  • Washroom fittings 

Other washroom fittings – a variety of products that can make your bathroom space look really chic, while also giving you the easy breezy bathroom experience. 

* A twin coat hook that lets you hang towels, clothes, etc., designed to provide you with an effortless life. 

* A toilet paper holder to help you pull toilet paper out after you’re done. 

* Steel grab bar to hold your towels and clothes while you enjoy a shower.

* Grab bars for those who’re limited to mobility and dexterity that are compact and flexible to let a handicapped individual use them easily.

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