7 States with the Best Addiction Recovery Facilities

If you or someone you know has struggled with addiction and are ready to check into an addiction recovery facility, selecting the proper program is critical for long-term success. Unfortunately, it can be overwhelming to begin the search, as each center has various benefits and downfalls, making the narrowing down process exhaustive. 

Each center will have its pros and cons regarding location, staffing environment, and program details. So, before committing to a recovery facility, consider your unique needs, center requirements (like insurance), and varying amenities. 

Fortunately, many states are well known for their excellent recovery facilities, allowing you to narrow down your options without introducing too many limitations. Read on to learn about seven states with outstanding addiction recovery programs.


For those looking for consistent quality, Florida has the highest success rate in drug rehabs in the US. With over seven hundred addiction recovery facilities and resources available, this sunny state has a program for nearly every addict in the book. 


When you opt for a highly reputable facility, like Clean Recovery Centers at 9270 Royal Palm Ave, New Port Richey, FL 34654, you recuperate under the warm blanket of the sun. 


Often, the best environment for addiction recovery is a location far away from familiar surroundings. For example, being away from triggers and unhealthy relationships has resulted in a higher completion rate. As a result, many addicts seek out drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation in Alaska, enabling them to minimize distractions and temptation. 


Wyoming is another state with a high concentration of detox and rehab facilities. The local judicial enforcement has put specific harm reduction laws that attempt to de-stigmatize addicts and humanize people suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. 


Montana recovery facilities are also known for their high-quality treatment, drawing addicts into their facilities with personalized, informed care. Because of the vast natural landscapes, wilderness therapy is a popular method used across centers state-wide, allowing addicts to heal through nature. You’d be surprised at how beneficial access to fresh air and quiet are during recovery. 


Vermont’s centers are known for their care and mental health considerations when treating addiction. Many focus on specific substances, while others are severity-based programs, taking on patients based on their dependency level. Ultimately, This scenic state utilizes the healing power of natural environments to create a peaceful and healing atmosphere.

North Dakota

Many addiction recovery facilities in North Dakota also house detox facilities, helping smooth the transition from detox to recovery for clients. In addition, coming from out-of-state takes away the stresses of everyday life. It allows you to focus on detox, rehab, and treatment entirely. 


Idaho offers a beautiful outdoor environment for addiction recovery facilities. They are known for client-centered, age and gender-specific programs, evidence-based services, and care for addiction recovery at varying levels. 

Making your final decision

Look for facilities with the highest rankings that use evidence-based methods and stay current in the field. Once you’ve determined the location, you will also want to ask more specific questions like staff-to-patient ratio and staff training. It might take some time, but researching will lead you to the facility that best meets your needs. 

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