Winters are here; how about you take advantage of the crisp weather and plan your move?

Wait, what, moving in winters? Let’s wait till summer.

This is how the majority of the people react when they are suggested to move out in winter. It gives them shudders to pack and relocate to a new place. But, trust us on this, moving in winters can be pretty beneficial for you. 

Are you finding it hard to believe? No problem. We have prepared a list of amazing benefits you can avail of by moving in winters.

4 Major Benefits Of Moving In Winters

  • Greater Availability Of Moving Companies 

The majority of the people prefer to move in the summers. Because of that, it becomes difficult to find a professional moving company like Texas Moving USA, an Austin Moving Company.

Due to the surge in moving, moving companies are jammed packed, and refusing to take any more bookings. Another drawback of moving in the summers is that many companies hire unprofessional and inexperienced movers. Trusting them with your valuable stuff is not really a smart move.

However, in winter, the moving companies have many booking slots. You can easily find a good and trustworthy moving company to plan your relocation.

  • Lower Moving Cost

Moving companies charge more during the summer season. This is because of their increased demand. People are ready to pay the amount companies ask for, as they have no margin to negotiate. 

But, during winters, the tables turn. You can negotiate with the company and get a good deal. That’s because moving companies have low demand in winter.

Another benefit that you can avail of by moving in winters is that it saves you from stress and fatigue. Let’s talk more about it in the following paragraph.

  • Saves From Exhaustion 

Imagine packing your stuff and loading it in trucks in the scorching heat. A hotter temperature leads to excessive sweating and makes you feel uncomfortable. Combining it with the stressful day of moving will drain your energy. 

And how can we forget about jammed-packed roads in summers? People are out to enjoy the warm weather and indulge in summer sports. This increases the commute time, which further adds to time and exhaustion. 

On the other hand, the weather is cool during winters, which keeps you comfortable and doesn’t tire you as much as in summers. Plus, people prefer to stay indoors during the colder season. You will relocate much faster to the newer place because of less busy roads.

  • Greater Availability of Cheaper Houses and Storage Facilities

There is quite a difference between rents in the summer and winter months. Due to less moving and demand in winters, landlords are more open to negotiation. You can manage to get space for a comparatively cheaper rent.

Apart from low rents, you can also benefit from affordable storage units. The rent of storage units is lesser during winters due to less occupancy. This is a good opportunity for people who look for space to store or downsize their stuff. 

So, you see, moving in winters is way better than moving in summers. You will not only save money but also your time during the relocation.

Below we have compiled a list of moving tips in winters. These will help you to make your move smooth and hassle-free.

Top 7 Tips for a Smooth Moving in Winters

  • Check The Weather 

The first and the most important tip is to keep a sharp eye on the weather updates. If there is a snowfall prediction or a sharp drop in temperature, reschedule your move.

Packing and moving out in snowfall is a terrible idea. It will not only ruin your stuff but also increase the risk of slipping on the roads. Moreover, if it starts snowing during the move, it will be unsafe to drive on the streets.

The second tip for moving in winters is…

  • Start Moving Early

Days in winters are cut in half. The sun bids farewell earlier in winter. Thus, plan your move for early mornings. It will help you load your stuff and start moving before it gets dark.

Moving on to our third tip, which is:

  • Cover Your Floors

During packing and loading, movers will make several trips outside the house. The snowy sidewalks and streets can wet their shoes, which in return will ruin your carpets or wood flooring.

To prevent that from happening, lay down the plastic tarps outside the main door. You also lay floor mats to protect your carpets and keep the floors dry.

Talking about snowy sidewalks and wet floors brings us to our next tip on the list.

  • Clear The Sidewalks and Streets

Moving with heavy boxes on a snow-covered sidewalk can be dangerous. It increases the risk of slipping, resulting in severe injuries or even a fracture.

To curb the risk of slippage, make sure to salt the sidewalks so that the snow doesn’t melt. Or, to ensure more safety, shovel the snow to clear the path for movers to walk with the packed boxes.

Up next is…

  • Prepare a Bag of Winter Essentials 

Imagine what would happen if you packed all your winter essentials in a box and loaded it in the truck… and you have kids with you?

Prepare a bag with extra blankets, jackets, and pillows to save yourself from trouble and shivering. It will help you stay warm during a long commute in chilly weather.

Moving on to the 6th tip…

  • Double pack Fragile Items and Electronics

The winter season is not gentle on fragile items and electronics. They become brittle and easily break. Thus, double wrap those in bubble wrap to avoid damaging your valuable stuff.

Moreover, do not load the electronic item in the moving trucks. Try to carry them in your car and turn on the heater. So that the extreme weather doesn’t harm your machinery.

Last but not least, don’t forget to…

  • Dress Up Appropriately 

Don’t forget to dress appropriately to protect yourself from the harsh weather in the stress of moving days. 

Layer yourself properly with winter clothes to stay warm and dry. Also, keep an extra pair of gloves and socks in the car if the ones you are wearing get damaged or wet.

You Are All Set To Move In Winters…

Moving in winters might give you chills. But, less relocation in winters means easy availability of a professional moving company and lower rates. 

Besides that, your relocation will be much faster due to less crowded highways. If you’ve decided to move this winter, don’t forget about the tips shared above.

These tips will help make your move hassle-free during winters.

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