A Real Thank-You For First Responders

First responders do some of the toughest jobs in the country, yet they aren’t always honored for the sacrifices they give for the safety of their fellow citizens. This was laid out clearly in the Capitol riots of January: as USA Today reports, the shocking assault of first responders is one of the key areas for the ensuing inquiry. Abuse of first responders isn’t just restricted to the capital either: all over the country, these fearless heroes are subjected to harassment when just doing their job. America can do better to honor its heroes, and it’s trying, through a few measures.

Veteran-like benefits

Bipartisan action is helping first responders to get on the property ladder. For decades, products and schemes like the first responders refinance program have sought to privately offer better help to first responders in getting on the property ladder – or switching up their finances. While these continue to do an excellent job, bipartisan support for the Homes for Every Local Protector, Educator and Responder (HELPER) Act is being touted by John Katko as an important step in helping first responders feel a little respect for their work.

National days of celebration

First responders have a whole host of national days dedicated to them. May 4th is International Firefighters Day; May 16-22 is the National EMS Week. Increasingly, the US Department of Commerce has been looking into schemes to help further protect and honor the service of first responders in these weeks. This has led to, for example, exclusive consumer deals and better rates on financial products around those dates.

Little gestures

The physical impact of more money in the pocket and a stress-free life is the best way to honor first responders. Small gestures help to shore this up further and give the best shot at first responders feeling the respect they deserve for their service. Events like the Team USA First Responders championship, and the stamp dedicated to their service, provide that little extra recognition that can help to demonstrate the love and recognition that the average American has for these everyday heroes.

This is the key in the job of the first responder – the fact it happens every single day. They must respond to emergencies at any given hour, and make huge sacrifices in their private lives to make this happen. They do jobs that many others couldn’t imagine, and must be honored in every way.

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