Five types of shoes every woman must have in her closet

Women can spend any amount of money on shoes alone. Nothing can bring greater joy for her than filling her closet with about 20 or more pairs of shoes. But they should learn the trick of creating a variety in their closet rather than buying the single style all the time!

To look outstanding on each occasion, every woman needs at least five types of shoes in her closet.

Flats-Mom’s first choice

Every mom will love the flats as they are comfortable with jeans, dresses- almost with every outfit! Ideally, every woman must have flats in her closet. They

can easily wear them while doing routine activities and when their feet are tired of official heels. If you are shopping for the first pair of flat shoes, go for grey or black- it will jam with every dress in your wardrobe.

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Boots- Classy and Everyday Wear

Boots are surely irresistible! Do you desire that classy look? Long, knee-high boots are unbeatable. Also, the most stylish pair of knee-high boots for your closet is surely the riding boot. If you are an ankle boot lover- flat ankle footwear could be on your hitlist on your everyday routine wear.

A pair of Classic Heels- Never Outdated

Classic Heels, or also popularly called Classic Pumps, truly define a woman. You cannot miss this out in your closet, no matter how casual your footwear style is. Wear it at parties, interviews, work- and they will never leave you disappointed!

If you want one, black heels are the best choice- they will match with anything! The classic pumps have been quite popular for many years, and it seems that this fashion is not going anywhere. Office, dinner parties, family get-togethers, friends treat and many more to count in; heels will always complement your dress and give you an elegant look too. Are heels missing from your closet? Hurry and buy them now!

Sneakers – Best in Comfort

Sneakers are the first choice for any woman since high school! Their comfort level is unbeatable! These shoes are available in the market with a unique sense of simplicity. You can find n number of varieties out there! They are available in variable designs, which can go with any outfit. They make you look cool and attractive simultaneously.

From colourful pairs to patterned designs-you will get them all here! The best part is that sneakers can be your weekday as well as weekend shoes. You can also slip on the sneakers when you are too lazy to dress up during a Saturday Night Club! It’s meant to suit all the occasions!

Ballet shoes with maximum flexibility 

Ballet shoes are thin and extremely light shoes! They are also called ballet slippers. They ensure maximum safety and comfort! You might have got confused at one point of the time with what could be the most comfortable wear and the same time attractive too!

It’s natural to feel that way because matching footwear with the dress and making sure you do not look overdressed is the biggest worry! Can’t think of what to wear? You can always opt for these ballet shoes, which will provide much more flexibility than other boots


Each woman has different tastes when it comes to different designs and styles. Of course, keeping varieties of shoes in different colours is always a great option, but you should not miss out on the specific shoe in your closet. So, we have picked the most appropriate categories for you in this blog.

All of them are easy to buy, in-budget and the best-suited footwear you must have in your closet! So, what are you waiting for? Bring variety in your footwear and be ready beforehand for any occasion stress-free.

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