Medicare Advantage: How to Get Health Insurance in COVID-19 Times

In case you are fortunate, you have probably never had to use something like critical illness insurance. You have maybe never even come across the word or term. But in the event of a huge health emergency, such as cancer, heart attack or even stroke, a health insurance critical illness policy can be the only thing guarding you from financial devastation.

Many people are of the opinion that they are completely protected with a veteran health insurance plan. However, the excessive costs of treating life-threatening ailments are usually more than any policy will cover. Actually, since the average life expectancy goes on to increase, insurance brokers are coming up with ways to make sure people can afford the privilege of getting older.    Moreover, even with brilliant medical insurance, only a single critical illness can prove to be a tremendous financial burden. Here, Critical illness insurance offers coverage if you experience one or more of the medical emergencies like:

  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Organ transplants
  • Coronary bypass

Since these illnesses demand extensive medical care and treatment, their pricing can outshine a family’s medical insurance policy quickly. In case you don’t have an emergency fund, you may experience an even harder time paying such extensive bills out of pocket.

What really is the Working of critical insurance plan?

The working of critical insurance plans is quite different from other health insurance policies. In these plans, the full sum insured gets paid to the policyholder on diagnosis of critical ailment. The sum insured could be utilised for treatment, care cost and even may be used to pay off any type of debts if taken by the insured.

Similarly, these critical insurance plans are also known as defined benefit plans as the pay-out is clear and fixed. In case an insured holds more than one critical insurance policy from insurers, then all insurers are going to pay the full sum insured. Similarly, any health insurance plan on the contrary is an indemnity plan that simply reimburses the expenses really incurred.

Why Do You Need Critical Insurance policy at the first place/?

A main or grave illness has an incapacitating effect on the patient’s life, translates to massive medical costs and leaves families stressedabout meeting day today expenses. In such situations, a Critical Illness Insurance turns out to be the saviour. Of course, it guarantees financial security if an individual requires funds for both medical treatment and that of for supporting the family.

Similarly, a good critical illness insurance is a product wherein the insurance service provider pays a proper lump sum to the policyholder once a serious illness gets diagnosed. These illnesses are given on a predefined list as part of the specific policy. Such a recompense helps cover hospitalisation or medical expenses, while even aiding the patient’s family manage day-to-day expenses. Characteristically, the cover ranges between the bracket of Rs 1 lakh to that of Rs 10 lakhs. However, higher coverage can also get availed if the criteria set by individual insurers are fulfilled.

Who really requires Critical Illness Insurance?

A critical illness policy is helpful for those who do not wish to take any chances with certain health conditions, mainly if they have a medical history. Further, primary workers who cannot afford to take a hit on funds from a critical illness generally prefer to take this policy. These plans are even helpful for the ones who do not have adequate savings or even do not have any employee benefits package that may cover prolonged sick leave.

Remember, critical insurance health policies can be availed by you (Indian citizen) if you are aged over 18 years and that of less than 65 years. Also remember that if you are over 45 years old, then you may have to go through obligatory pre-policy medical check-ups.

Moreover, family members (direct relations such as parents, children, siblings, and even that of spouse) can even get coverage under a single plan, as stated in the insurance policy. In case more than one person is covered under a single critical illness policy, every single member qualifies to get cover once during the insurance policy tenure.

Critical illness cover will aid you tide over hard times

So, you can see it for yourself that a good critical illness cover is crucial for you to feel secure and aid you to keep going the tough times when you need to recover at home and cannot get remunerated from the office. This policy will give you and your family the breathing space that is needed so that you may recover properly from the ailment without having to take any excessive stress about running the household.


So, you must look out for critical insurance policy but only from a reputed insurance provider like Care Insurance and pick the one that suits you the best. After all, having a critical insurance policy is a blessing for your family and you.

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