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Are you worried about the basketball shoes losing their grip, then I have shared many useful methods to make your shoes sticky. Read this article to get your solution. If you are around the court and want to play basketball with confidence, but at the same time worried about having no traction under the shoe soles with the floor and you can’t easily move and run during a game, even you can’t play well the same time, beneath then you need to sort out this problem.

First of all, always prefer to buy good quality and comfortable basketball shoes for yourself to play well. Top outdoor basketball shoes will be a durable and a good choice for you. Traction is the main part of making any basketball shoe useful but when dust and grime are stuck under the shoe soles, they become slippery and lose traction. The clean surface of the floor helps to move safely on the court.

I have shared some handy techniques beneath to maintain the stickiness of basketball shoes.

1. Shoes Cleaning Method:

Shoes cleaning is the foremost way to make them restore their adhesiveness. Grip started to decrease with time when layers of dust are stuck beneath the shoe soles and this dirt can be easily notice on the soles.

For cleaning the basketball shoes use a damp cloth or wet towel to wipe out all layers of dirt from the bottom of the sneakers. Clean the grooves well. If the dirt is not coming out easily, you can use detergent water to wet a bristle brush for scrubbing the shoes.


Here are some important precautions needed to avoid while cleaning the shoes.

  • Don’t use extra wet towel or cloth to clean your shoes. It will damage them.
  • Never clean them harshly. It will destruct their shape.
  • Don’t wear your basketball shoes on concrete court, otherwise they will break down.

2. Use Grip Enhancers:

You can buy grip lotion or gel easily from the market. Grip enhancer sprays are a good option to add an extra grip to your shoe soles. These grip enhancers remove dirty layers from the sole.

3. Use Sticky Mats:

The court’s floor is usually made with hardwood, and you can easily slip from it. Therefore, use sticky mats on the court. These mats can be adjusted at the corners of the court. Sportsmen can sit and step on them during the breaks in-game to get some stickiness. But you have to spend some extra money on the mats to resolve the issue.

4. Keep the Court Clean:

If you would keep the court clean from dust and dirt particles, your shoes will remain sticky, as dirt is the main reason to finish their stickiness.

5. Repair the Shoes:

If the given methods are not working properly then you might need to repair your shoes. If your shoe soles are getting old and torn then replace them with new ones. Change the laces and you are ready to wear your new-looking shoes.

Final Thoughts:

Many basketball players drop their confidence level due to lack of traction on their shoes and get injured during the game because of slippery shoes. There are many useful methods mentioned above to resolve your issue. Pick a method that is more suitable for your shoes.

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