Going on vacation is a real luxury, but with the amount of admin involved it can sometimes feel like anything but. Preparing ahead of time really is the best way to make everything run smoothly and if you can carve out a few minutes every now and again leading up to the day you embark on your adventure, then you’ll be able to get lots done without really noticing. Spending your vacation in St Barts Villas is the best way to unwind yourself.We’ve pulled together some of the best tips for how to make sure you are totally prepared for your holiday. Organizing has never looked this easy.

Get Ahead With Work

It’s so important for us to take some solid time off work and give our brains a chance to regroup, relax and reset. Unfortunately, we live in an age where we are constantly contactable and often if there’s a work problem, our holidays can get interrupted when we are asked to intervene. There is absolutely no problem at all with letting your work know that you will not be contactable during your time away, but in order to make this occurrence even less likely, getting ahead with things before you leave is a must. Try to start your holidays with no enormous projects that need to be completed imminently looming over you. If you still have some work outstanding then use your travel time wisely to make a head start and then spend the rest of your holiday blissfully unaware of anything going on back at the office.


Make Your Home a Hotel

Arriving back to your hotel or Airbnb to a freshly made bed, towels laid out, a book resting on your pillow and generally everything in its right place is one of the many things that makes a vacation so wonderful. Returning to your home to find the dishes still in the sink, dirty sheets on the bed and a musty smell from something unidentifiable is without a doubt the worst part of a vacation and it isn’t mandatory. Leaving your house in a state might save you time in the short term, but you’re going to have to deal with it eventually and when you’ve just spent a week in paradise, you’re not going to want to. Before you leave, change the sheets, do the dishes, hoover the house and put everything in its right place as much as possible. It will make the dread of your return disappear when you remember that your home is looking spick and span.

Prepare In-Flight Entertainment

If you’re flying long haul then making sure you’ve got something to keep you busy is essential. That could be catching up on work as we mentioned before. It could be making yourself feel holiday-ready with a DIY manicure or facial, or it could be enjoying a little time spent gaming. Having a solid arsenal of games is always a good way of banishing that mid-flight boredom and with more and more airlines offering WIFI on their longer flights, the variety that you can play is endless. Having a handful of games downloaded and ready to go is still a good idea, but if you feel like playing poker and haven’t downloaded it then with WIFI it’s not a problem. Before you play though, it’s worth taking a little time to read a review of the casino that you’re hoping to use. At CasinoReviews they have reviewed thousands of casinos according to a selection of important factors, like the country they’re available in, the games that they offer to players and whether they have any redeemable bonuses at the moment of reading.

Look Forward to the Journey

However you’re travelling, making the journey part of the experience is a great way to get maximum enjoyment from your holiday. After all, if you’re spending a day at each end travelling then you might as well have a good time doing it. Making sure that your truck is read, as we’ve written about at Beyond Vela, for summer if you’re road tripping will obviously involve tyre checks and filling up wiper fluid, but you could also pack snacks in the back of the seats, games to keep everybody occupied and make a road trip playlist to remind you of your time away. Those travelling via public transport could pack a picnic for them and their fellow holidaymakers to enjoy, perhaps with a little of the local cuisine to get you amped up for your arrival.

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