6 Must-Have Features of a Modern Bathroom in 2021

Bathrooms always have limited counter space, no matter how large or well designed they happen to be. Several items have been developed that will allow you to free up counter space in your bathroom by providing alternative storage, choosing new ways to complete tasks, and adding organizational tools. Some of you might decide to take this on yourself, however, for me this was too large a task to tackle alone, so I hired a bathroom renovation contractor in Canberra. For you, you might hire a bathroom remodeling specialist in your own state, or even country, depending on where you are reading this from. 

Large Storage

Large storage items for the bathroom include those that are placed within the shower or bath to house the necessary items and those that are placed in the main area of the bathroom. Shower storage is often held from the showerhead or is installed in the corner via a pressure pole. It will include wire shelving that will allow water to drain off of the items, tall enough to hold shampoo, conditioner, and soaps or body washes. They may also have room to hang things such as loofahs. Some shelving units may be added in the bathroom that is shaped to go over the toilet and hold towels, extra supplies, and backup skin and hair care items. Alternative shelving may be placed in larger spaces across from the sink to hold towels and other items that are needed. 

Styling Tools Storage

When storing hair appliances, there are several options that will sit on the counter and keep them sorted organized and offer a safe place for them to cool or organizers that hang over the door of the cupboard. These hold a blow dryer, hair straightener, and other hot tools to provide them a safe space to cool down after use. This closes them into the cupboard when not being used and tucks them easily away from sight. Under the counter, storage can be expanded in this way and will allow for space for regular storage as well. 

Best Use of Counter Space

Small countertop organizers are offered in several formations and can have small drawers, sections for holding toothbrushes or makeup brushes upright, or even shelves to hold small bottles. These are ideal for keeping small items contained and within easy reach while keeping the majority of the counter space clear. Where it is difficult to find just the right fit, a spice rack can be used easily in the bathroom as they are created to be used near water and in a humid environment. 

Hanging Storage

Adding extra hanging towel racks or hooks to the back of the bathroom door can create space for not only towels but also hanging organizers. They attach to the hooks or the towel rack and will have zippered compartments, shelving that is open or closed, or even makeup organization pockets. Using each of these ideas will create more space on the counter by moving frequently used items off of the counter while keeping them within reach. They can be used individually or in any combination that fits your specific needs and are available at affordable costs at dollar stores, home supply stores, and big-box stores. Create a space that works best for you while freeing up counter space. 

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