Shop Management App With Zadinga

All shopkeepers know that time is money. Therefore, if time is wasted on slow processes, you may lose money. To make matters worse, your competitors can replace your position. As a store owner, you need to consider many things that need to be done at the same time. This may make it difficult to focus on a single task, such as customer acquisition, payment management, inventory maintenance, online product sales, etc. A store management application can work smarter and do more things.

Know About The Best Shop Management App i.e. Zadinga

Introducing Zadinga, a store management application that can meet all your shop management needs, allowing you to focus on growing your business. In order to do better, you will feel relaxed every day. Easily add inventory items, track inventory, easily collect payments, customize your online store and enable shipping with Zadinga. Zadinga has the best in class features that will make your shop management easy.

  1. Simple inventory management

Smart inventory adjustment- Add items to your warehouse in seconds. Just scan the barcode on the product with your phone’s camera and the app will recognize the product along with detailed instructions and pictures.

Online storage backup- Even if you switch to another device, your data will always be safe. Zadinga stores detailed information about the products, invoices and customer information available on your new device.

Inventory Alert System- View the real-time quantity list of all products. Receive notifications of insufficient stock and out-of-stock on the checkout screen so that you can easily reorder when it is empty.

  1. Simpler Checkout And Payments

Quick Billing: Quickly add products at checkout with a barcode scan or a product search. You can apply discounts, add customer details, and even issue refunds directly from the app.

Easy Payments: Collect payments via credit/debit cards, all popular UPIs, mobile wallets and one-time payment links. You can also give customers the freedom to make partial or split payments within the same transaction.

Digital Receipts: Instantly share payment confirmation receipts via WhatsApp. Simply enter the customer’s phone number at checkout, and the app delivers the receipt to their WhatsApp automatically.

  1. Simplified e-commerce

Online store payment: Build your online store and share store links with customers to collect orders and payments online. You can also get your own domain (URL) that matches your company name.

Synchronize inventory through multiple online channels: Whether your business is online or offline, i.e. on Amazon or Flipkart, or your own website, with Zadinga, you can easily manage your inventory from one place.

Customer orders on-site: Provide customers with a fast and convenient way to shop online. With the help of our local delivery partner, deliver the order directly to your customer’s home.

  1. Real-time performance report

Sales report: Comprehensive report gives your insight into the company’s performance. Check your daily, monthly and yearly sales and compare them with your previous income.

Inventory report: Inventory report is a quick way to view the quantity of inventory items and the total value of inventory.

  1. Connect to your favourite device

PAX A920: Zadinga can also work perfectly with PAX A920, combining all the functions of an Android phone with a powerful payment gateway. It has a built-in camera, printer, and high-capacity battery to meet the daily needs of your retail business.

PAX D180: Zadinga also integrates PAX D180, which is an elegant and affordable wireless mPOS terminal that can be connected to various smartphones, tablets and PCs. It is easy to use, user-friendly and has an easy transaction process.

Zadinga provides you with a complete set of features that can help you increase sales and ensure the smooth operation of your store. This is not all. You can also create your own online retail store with Zadinga and learn how to sell products online in minutes as well.

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