Shortest Soccer Players

Soccer is the most popular and prevalent game worldwide, played by two teams of eleven players. It is played on grass fields, and the game’s objective is to get the soccer ball into the opposing team’s goal.

Size and physical appearance is the most valuable thing to be considered in any game. There is not any game that rewards agility, technical skills, and toughness like soccer does. This thing makes it a perfect channel for any short athlete. For more football-related news check

However, it has been tradition and history that many shortest soccer players have proved their abilities in the field, leaving the concept that height and strong built don’t matter. All that matters is the technical skills of the players. And some of the shortest soccer players proved it right.

Shortest soccer players worldwide

This article will help you know about some of the shortest soccer players who have proved themselves that height is not the barrier and are now counted among the world’s best soccer players.  Have a look below and enjoy browsing.

Elton Jose Xavier Gomes

Elton is 5 feet and 0.63 inches tall; he is a Brazilian soccer player. He is ranked as the top shortest player of soccer. This shortest player around the globe is an attacking midfielder for a Saudi club Al- Qadsiah. He shows unique technics in playing soccer, and he is having a trademark of afro style.

Medical practitioner told him that he would not grow more than 4 feet and 7 inches due to complex hormonal problems. Despite his incredible level of skills, the diagnosis was a deal-breaker for all clubs around the globe.

Fortunately, Barcelona was happy to come forward and invest his talent by paying for his medical treatment

He has achieved some fantastic success throughout his career. He is playing professional soccer for 16 years, scoring bags of goals for different clubs in three different countries.

Daniel Alberto Villalva Barrios

Daniel Alberto is 5 feet and 0.63 inches in height, and he is on the second number in ranking around the globe as the best shortest soccer player. He is from Argentina and playing for Mexican club Queretaro as a striker. He was the youngest player who played for the river plate.

He is 21 years old and known as a competent soccer player; a team could ever have. He scores 17 goals in 120 appearances for the Liga Mx side. He is currently playing forward with Veracruz. He set up his career at the age of 10.

And before his 17, he had a specific fan following and became a bonafide star later on.

Marcin Garuch

Marcin Baruch is 5 feet and 1 inch tall who is a Polish national. He is known for his outstanding skills in dead-ball situations and played for GKS belchatow club in the polish league II. Because of his small size moves the ball quickly to the forwards.

His skills are solid proof of his abilities that this small stature is the best among soccer players. He is undoubtedly most of the talented players who are short in height, right in the world.

Levi Porter

Levi porter is  5 feet and 3 inches in height.  He is an excellent English winger of his time. He was entrusted in the spot when he was a teenager on the English national team. He was known as a great ball-handler, passer, and team leader as well.

He was the shortest player on the team, but he earned fame as time passes.  He started his playing career at Leicester City in 2006. He towered above with many of his sheer magnificent skills and proved that height is not a barrier to stop him. He has been a quite dependable part of his team ever.



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