Bedroom Essentials in 2021

Your primary bedroom should be a sanctuary where you can relax at the end of the long day. When it’s time to remodel, you have several options to create a room that gives you what you need. 

Upgrade your bedding

When your bed offers unparalleled comfort, you look forward to falling asleep each night. That means starting from the ground up with your mattress. Memory foam mattresses are a popular choice for their temperature regulating properties, and organic offerings from providers like Essentia can be easier on your skin and lungs, too. 

Along with upgrading your mattress, you can create an exceptionally relaxing space with supportive pillows, soft sheets, and perfectly weighted comforters. Your bedding is just as important as the mattress, as they work together to help you sleep better and wake up refreshed. 

Add a sitting area

Improving your primary bedroom can include adding a sitting area. When you add a sitting spot to your bedroom, you can train your mind to accept your bed as the space you designate for sleeping. 

A cozy sitting nook can become the place where you curl up to read or stream a favorite show. If you don’t have space to add some chairs, make space by creating a window seat. 

Paint your walls and ceiling

An easy way to remodel your primary bedroom involves painting. Be thoughtful about your color choices because these will be the colors you fall asleep and wake to every day. 

Consider soothing colors like cream, caramel, or peach. If you’re looking for something romantic, consider your favorite red shade. Dark colors like navy or khaki green can add impact, too. 

Don’t forget about your ceiling. You can make your room feel cozier by painting your ceiling a dark color. Along with painting your ceiling, you can paint an accent wall. By doing this, you can try a bold color without committing to having it on all of your walls. 

Add decor to your primary bedroom

Your bedroom should be a space you love. Adding decor can make it a personal space you enjoy entering each evening. A master bedroom remodel can include small things like adding side tables, live plants, and artwork. 

While you don’t want your bedroom to look like a themed toddler’s room, you can choose decor with a related style that you love. Consider the comfort of shabby chic, tropical, or contemporary looks when choosing the decor you love. 

Upgrade the floors

Upgrading the floors can make your bedroom a true oasis. If you don’t want to deal with the process of removing old flooring and adding new, consider adding area rugs instead. When choosing new flooring, test it out with your bare feet to know what you are getting into each morning and evening. 

Wrap up

Remodeling your bedroom should be an act of love. As you make choices for the four walls, ceiling, and floor, choose things that bring you joy and give you the emotional experience you need each night and evening. 

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