6 Ways to Deliver a Great Shopping experience with E-commerce mobile app

Online grocery shopping has quickly grown its popularity due to the numerous benefits it offers to consumers. And as more and more people tend to opt for this, it’s not surprising to see an increasing number of entrepreneurs running such kind of business. Running an online grocery store can be a profitable business and an amazing venture to take on.

However, before you could reap the benefits of this online business. It’s important to first focus on improving the shopping experience of your customers. To help retailers like you provide better service to online grocery shoppers, here are some tips that you can follow:

  1. Prioritize usability and simplicity

Before anything else, you first need to ensure that your platform is easy to use and fast you’re your site is slow to load and hard to navigate, grocery shoppers will abandon their carts immediately. Establishing easy registration for customers, and make it easy for them to search, add, review, and pay for the items.

It would be smart to have sub-categories so customers can easily find what they are looking for. You’d also want to allow returning shoppers to recreate their previous orders or build a shopping list in the platform for more convenient shopping.

What’s more, it’s best to include all relevant product details so customers can readily check them. Other things you need to feature are the brand names, pack size, price, ingredients, and of course, high-resolution photos. Don’t forget to also include the expiry dates. A grocery shopper will likely buy more packs of yogurt if they see it will last for three or more weeks.

  1. Minimize abandoned carts

According to a survey, around 88% of online shopping carts are abandoned. To ensure your grocery store won’t be included in such data, learn the challenges that hinder shoppers from proceeding with their carts. Is it about an unsatisfactory return policy? Then create a better return management plan to improve the experience. You can invest in the best returns management app for Shopify that can make your process easier and keep both your team and the shoppers updated about the status of returns. Or, perhaps your checkout form is not functioning well?

You might need to improve is by keeping them as short as possible. With this, you can add a support feature for autofill, make the text larger, or even utilize floating labels.

Furthermore, offer customers as many payment options as you can and let them pick how they want to receive the orders, may it be through contactless pickup or home delivery. The more choices your customers have, the more reasons they have for choosing your grocery store over competitors.

  1. Prioritize mobile shopping

Under the online grocery shopping category is the mobile shopping trend. For that reason, it’s a must that your platform is suitable even for mobile devices. Your grocery store website should be responsive, has big and easy to type text fields, and have clear images and descriptions. Make sure that the photos and text can properly adjust to the mobile device that the customer is using. They should be visible no matter what screen size.

Furthermore, many shoppers also tend to start a transaction on one device and continue it to another. In this case, make sure they won’t lose what’s already on their carts, or else, you’ll lose that customer too. Incorporate saving options into your online store. You can also decide to send out direct links to their shopping carts in case they forget to proceed with them.

  1. Know how they shop offline

Lastly, online store owners need to consider the way people shop for groceries offline, from selecting the thickness of the steak to knowing how ripe the fruits are. Incorporate features in your platform that mimics these acts. You can also use particular options to help grocery shoppers easily find recipe-based, cheaper, or healthier alternatives to their original choices.

However, bear in mind that if you’re mimicking the way customers shop offline, you need to take extra effort in ensuring that the products will be delivered in the condition or shape indicated on your website. If those vegetables are not as fresh as you claimed them to be on your platform, expect those customers to not order from your store again.

As more and more consumers up their spending online, it only makes sense to improve your grocery store service. Not only do you get to offer a better shopping experience to your customers, but you can also win over your competitors fearlessly and quickly. Work with the best digital experts to enhance your online grocery store the right way.

Meta title: Grocery E-Commerce: How to Leverage Customer Shopping Experience
meta desc: As online grocery shopping continues to evolve, it’s a must for retailers to provide customers with better shopping experience. Read on and learn how to boost online grocery shopping experience.

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