Boxing is really a fun-like activity. Whether you’ve always wanted to get in the ring with a tough lad, or you want to learn self-defense, boxing could be a fascinating choice. Always! 

Boxing is an intense physical workout. It’s also excellent for those looking to burn a high amount of calories. Plus, the conditioning through which an individual goes could really help to build resilience.

So, all in all, boxing could be an amazing hobby. If you’re a work professional, but can’t find time to play team sports, then a session or two of sparring over the weekend might just be enough to relax. Cheer yourself up with this intense physical training session. It’s challenging and would really help you to grow mentally. 

Despite most people finding boxing a fascinating activity, they’re unable to find the right gear to start the fun right away. That’s what this guide focuses on. Yes, we want you to know everything about boxing gear and all the essentials that you require to start boxing today. So, follow along!

Punching Bags

Let’s start with the boxing punch bag. Whether you want to do solo workouts or want some professional practice to prepare against your opponents, you’ll need a punching bag. You cannot develop warrior fists without going hard at a punching bag.

What Boxing Equipment and Gear Do You Need to Start Boxing?

You can either make it stand on a floor and move it around or you can get a chain and bar to hang it. It’s totally up to you though the latter is always preferred. 

Boxing Gloves

When we speak of boxing, the most important part of the boxing gear is your gloves. However, when selecting gloves, you must be careful of the weight, size, and closure of your gloves. Also, check out Best Boxing Gloves Review Guide.

Let’s start with the closure. 

A stick-on closure for the glove is the most common type. It’s easy to remove the glove when you’re tired or when you call a break after a round. Lace closures are also excellent. However, when you’re working as a beginner, we would suggest you consider the former. 

Apart from closure, you must focus on the weight of the glove. Heavy gloves work perfectly for professionals who already have developed wrists and forearms. Being a beginner, you have a long way to go. 

What Boxing Equipment and Gear Do You Need to Start Boxing?

Building strong wrists will take time. So, we would suggest you avoid putting a lot of weight on your wrists. Go for gloves with light to medium weight e.g. 8-10 oz.  

According to a coach working in one of the kickboxing classes Dallas, “Heavy gloves with extra padding may provide you protection. However, if your wrists and forearms are not in shape currently, then avoid the heavy gloves.”

We’ll advise you for better protection in the following sections. 

Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps are fantastic for pros and intermediate-level fighters. Wrist wraps provide your fists solid protection under the glove. 

Focus Mitts

Focus mitts are although regarded as optional purchases by many, we would recommend you to buy these along with your kit bag if you’re just starting off. The reason for buying focus mitts is that these are really helpful for practicing and perfecting your targets when practicing with a coach. 

The coach may use the two focus mitts to swap targets and dodge you. Remember, the more challenging it is for you to strike your targets forcefully, the better you’ll learn. So, add a pair of focus mitts to your kit bag. 

Inner Wraps

Inner wraps serve the same purpose as wrist wraps. These are solid, thin protection gloves. You may get a pair of these if you want to. If you’re starting as a beginner, then these are highly recommended. 

Head Guard

When you’re practicing, there’s always a high risk of injury. So, to minimize the risk of injury, we would recommend you to get a head guard. A head guard will provide you essential protection so, when you’re sparring, you don’t have to worry about getting hit hard on the head. This is also a must-buy for beginners. 


Imagine you have a wonderful smile. You’ve been protecting your teeth with quality dental care and you get hit on your jaw. Without any sort of protection, you’ll have shattered teeth. So, to avoid the damage, we would suggest you get a mouthpiece in your kit bag. 

A mouthpiece will allow you to stand in the ring with determination without worrying about your teeth. A mouthpiece is essential. Never cross it out from the list of your boxing gear. 

Groin Protector

Intentional or unintentional, low blows are the worst nightmare for any person standing in the ring. You can’t stay how intense the fight would get. 

It’s always impossible to know your opponent’s moves completely. Low blows could be life-threatening. Groin injuries are really serious. A little negligence could put you in a critical condition.

So, going out without protection is extremely risky. Let’s make an intelligent choice. That’s why fighters include a safety groin protector in their kit bags. Get a groin protector so that you can enter the ring like a brave man. 

Jump Rope

A jump rope or skip rope is perfect to build endurance. Most coaches will recommend you include a jump rope in your kit bag. Regardless of whatever your weight class or training level is, a jump rope is a must. It will allow you to work for your fitness.

 Jump ropes are also considered critical to developing footwork. With improving footwork, you’ll never be able to accomplish anything in kickboxing. So, working with a jump rope to become more agile in the ring is always recommended. So, consider including a jump rope in your kit bag. 

Boxing Shoes

The boxing shoes or wrestling shoes are made soft and light to allow you to move freely in the ring. Fighters gain an upper hand over each other with their agility. In this pursuit of agility, lightweight, soft boxing shoes play an important role. So, get a pair of boxing shoes as well.

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