What is Subaru

Subaru is an automobile manufacturing division in the Japanese company Subaru Corporation. Earlier it was known as Fuji Heavy Industries. Chikuheo Nakajima started fuji Heavy Industries. It was started as the Aircraft Research Laboratory in 1915. Fuji Heavy Industries was renamed Nakajima Aircraft Company Ltd in 1932. After a few years, it became a major aircraft manufacturer in Japan. It contributed a lot to manufacturing aircraft for Japan in World War II. Right after world war II, Nakajima Aircraft Company was again renamed Fuji Sangyo Co Ltd. In 1946, they created a motor scooter with the available spare parts of the aircraft from the war and named it Fuji Rabbit. After four years, in 1950, Fuji Sangyo was divided into 12 subsidiaries per the Japanese government’s legislation. During 1953 and 1955, five of these 12 subsidiaries and a new subsidiary was merged into Fuji Heavy Industries.

In 2017, it was the 25th largest automobile manufacturer by production across the world. Their products are well known for the boxer engine layout that they utilize. The Boxer engine layout is generally used in vehicles that have 1500 cc and more. The launched BRZ in collaboration with Toyota in 2012. It was successful in targeting its core customers. They attracted a small number of customers, but they could attract devoted buyers.

It used various marketing slogans. A few of the successful sayings in history include “Inexpensive, and built to stay that way” used in the USA from the 1970s to the early 1980s. “The world’s favourite four-wheel-drive” this slogan was used in the UK. It’s what makes Subaru, a Subaru”, “We built our reputation by building a better car”, and “Driven by what’s inside” these were the slogans used by Subaru in the USA during the early 2010s. “All 4 the driver” is the slogan used in Australia, “Technology that gives you confidence in motion” is the slogan used in Southeast Asia. “Confidence in Motion” is the slogan used in North America, and “Uncommon engineering, uncommon stability, uncommon road holding, uncommon sense” is the slogan used in the UK.

It currently has a few select models. A fact to be known is that sales are rising. Automobile experts say that this brand is just as good as the other luxury brands such as Lexus and BMW in terms of performance, safety, reliability, and comfort. Individuals who bought Subaru Forester say that they have made one of the best decisions in their life by buying Subaru Forester instead of Honda CRV or Toyota RAV 4, which are available in the market. Due to the quality of the car, this company could gain a lot of customer loyalty compared to the other brands of the market.

They started coming with smart features and unique designs such as AWD on their vehicles. They are very reliable, safe, comfortable, and mainly they are very economical, and many people can afford to buy this product. Due to its good performance and unique features, a few individuals compare this car with top luxury brands. Their products provide excellent performance and great driving experiences for their users, which is one of the main reasons they could gain loyal users. They provide similar features that a high-end luxury car does at a very affordable rate, making them stand out in the competition.

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