What to carry on a desert safari trip in Dubai

Desert Safari is an experience of a lifetime, the world is visiting Dubai for the exotic sight of sand dunes and the buzzing skyline. There is a lot happening in Dubai at a time, the country is considered to be one of the safest for women, and overall, the laws are very strict. You can be from any nationality and feel safe in Dubai. The country has also handled the situation in the pandemic very well and is considered to one of the safest to visit.

Desert safari is an experience that you cannot miss while being in Dubai, it is one of the most popular activities in Dubai, and why not? It is such an adventure, going for a Desert Safari trip in Dubai is completely safe. Desert Safari with Desert Raja includes a lot of good things like dune bashing, refreshments and snacks, and other perks. Desert Raja provides best and cheapest Desert Safari in Dubai. We’ll tell you more about Desert Raja in the latter part. 

Well as the title of the article may have already suggested, there are a few things that you can carry to the desert to enhance the experience, let me know about those things.

5 things to carry on a Desert safari trip in Dubai

Desert Safaris are full of moments that you don’t want to miss at any costs, you should try to carry these things to enhance the thrilling experience even more: 

  • Lighter Clothes

All deserts of the world are known for dry terrain and scorching heat, you definitely don’t want to get heat stormed, right? Wearing cotton clothes which are sleeveless would be better. You don’t have to worry that much since Desert Raja has air-conditioned SUVs for you which help to beat.

  • Your tech

You need to charge your smartphone for a day full of adventure, you should also carry a power bank or a charger incases you run out of charge on your device. Every moment is worth filming there. The sunsets are magnificent, the humongous dunes are eye-catching too.

  • Light Snacks

Hunger can spoil your mood, you need to eat something light and hydrating while you are in the desert. At Desert Raja, there are refreshments and snacks available for you, but carrying something for a quick bite is good.

  • Hats and Goggles 

Until you are in one of those air-conditioned SUVs it is completely fine and the sun rays won’t trouble you, but as soon as you step out, the scorching heat will kick in. Carrying hats and goggles is highly recommended.

  • Shoes

Desert Sand is hot as a fire, you will not like wearing flip-flops, or sandals, or any footwear that exposes your feet. Try wearing light and sporty shoes while in the desert.

Desert Raja-The best Desert safari experience in Dubai

DesertRaja.com caters to the best experience of Desert Safari at the cheapest possible price for you. The cheap prices do not at all mean that the services are subs standard, infact they are the best. You get free pickup from your hotel in air-conditioned SUVs. The packages include dune bashing, buggy rides, refreshments and snacks, and belly dance. You also get to witness the most beautiful sunsets. All the trips are guided by our well-trained and professional agents who are always present to resolve any sort of concern during the trip.

The Final words

When in Dubai, a desert safari is one thing that you should definitely not miss. You can get the best experience when you carry the minimum, but appropriate stuff with you. So dress up, and let DesertRaja take you on this adventure.

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