Some people who start a new hobby are all about buying new equipment because they enjoy it. But of course, it’s not always necessary to purchase full equipment right at the beginning, as you don’t even know whether you´ll stick with the hobby or not. It doesn’t take the best running shoes in order to go on a run for the very first time. Yet most sports equipment does have its right to exist – there are two main reasons for that.

Safety Equipment

While some sports gear doesn’t seem to serve an obvious purpose, it’s evident why there is so much safety equipment for certain sports and pastimes. Nobody would ever question the purpose of a motorcycle helmet – it’s there to protect the biker from impacts that may result from a fall or a crash.

Helmets and Motorcycle Clothing

Let’s stick with the example of motorcycling: The purpose of a good helmet is obvious, but is there really a need for special motorcycle clothing or might you just as well wear your normal street clothes? Of course, it’s possible to ride a motorcycle without special gear, but it’s simply a lot safer to wear clothing that has been designed for motorcyclists. Motorbike clothing usually comes with functional material in order to shield the biker from airflow and cold weather. But it also includes protectors that cover the parts of the body which are most likely to be injured in an accident – the lower limbs, the knees, the elbows and the shoulders.

Safety Gear for Other Sports

There are other pastimes you need special equipment for in order to be on the safe side. If you want to go rock climbing, a high-quality harness is obligatory. More and more people wear a helmet when riding their bikes – even though it’s not compulsory, sanity and reason tell us that in case of an accident, the risk of injury would be a lot higher if we weren’t wearing a helmet.

Performance-Improving Gear

There is an endless list of examples for gear that reduces the risk of injury or even death. And then there´s gear that may not be necessary but still has its reason to exist. Some things can help you improve your performance. Do you remember the example of the running shoes in the first paragraph?

It’s obvious that you can go running without special running shoes and particularly without expensive running shoes. But they can indeed help you achieve better results, which is why many people decide to buy a good pair as soon as they’re sure that running is a suitable type of workout for them. The same goes for many other accessories and gear.

Motorcycle Gear for Pros and Semi-Pros

Let’s have another look at motorcycling. Safety is the number one argument for special gear and clothing. But those, who ride their motorbike on a (semi-) professional basis, need to make sure to achieve the best results possible. The right gear, for example a well-fitting one-piece suit, allows the biker to ride his motorcycle without any discomfort. As special clothing for riding a motorbike is designed in a way that supports the biker in his inclined position, it results in a much better riding experience.

The Right Gear Can Be a Great Motivation

Safety and allowing athletes to improve their performance are the main purposes of special sports equipment. But that is not all. To some people, sports equipment has a psychological effect: If they spend money on good gear and suitable clothing for a certain sport, they are usually more motivated to pull through.

That’s mainly because they´ve already made an investment in themselves by purchasing something, but also because sports are more fun if you use equipment that works well or clothes that fit you well and that are functional. If you start a new sport, there’s no need to get the sports apparel right away – but you should consider it a few weeks in.

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