Good Times With Your Leopard Gecko

Do you have a leopard gecko that you’d like to spend more time with? Read this article to find out everything you need to know about leopard geckos.

Playing with your leopard gecko is an excellent way to learn more and bond with it. You can give your gecko a safe and fun experience by letting it explore your house or yard. Obstacle courses and toys for your leopard gecko are also fun.

You will want to create a safe, gecko-proofed place to ensure that it will not be able to escape. This could be a bin or a box or part of a room. See this article for ideas about how to bond with your leopard gecko.

Explore With Your Leopard Gecko

Playtime with your leopard gecko does not have to be fancy, but it will give your pet some time to get to know you better and explore the area outside of their room. Geckos are active and curious creatures who love to explore, so let them.

They will climb up your body to search for a warm spot to settle down. Exploring a bed or an empty room is another way to play. They will always find places to explore and crawl, so make sure you have a close eye on it, or it might be gone before you know it.

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Let It Do Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses are a great way to give your pet an entertaining and fun playtime. To create an obstacle course, get a large bin or box and add ‘obstacles’ like paper towel tubes or small boxes, wooden blocks, or small toys.

If the bin or box is large enough, you can add small plants or trees that your gecko can crawl or climb on as they explore more of the box. Including many items will give the obstacle course a different look, and the variety of obstacles can be changed at any time.

Arrange the course to make your leopard gecko work through them by moving or climbing. These are very curious animals, so an obstacle course can give it an exciting and stimulating experience.

Gecko Carnival

A gecko carnival is kind of the same concept as the obstacle course. Just like an obstacle course, you will still have to add toys like small boxes and paper towel rolls into the box or the bin you are using. But for the gecko carnival, you have to set those in a way that your gecko will not go to another area by following the course.

You are giving your gecko free and unstructured playtime. It can be very entertaining to watch your pet rolling around the space inside toilet paper tubes or paper towels. The gecko carnival will give you a great idea of what toys your pet prefers and can even help you to set up a better obstacle course.

Make Your Leopard Gecko Trust You

It may take a little time, but you can gain your gecko’s trust and build a relationship with it. Bonding with a leopard gecko can be challenging because they are more independent than regular house pets such as cats and dogs.

You can start by talking to your leopard gecko to make them comfortable around you. It can sound strange, but geckos can actually recognize voices, and it is a good way to get them used to you.

You can begin by entering the room and peek in its tank, greeting it when you see it. Just like other reptiles, these animals have great hearing and will remember your voice after a few days.

Watch them and stay in their room to make your smell and presence familiar to them. After a while, you can try to get your pet to climb on your hand by putting it in its tank. Remember that you should not force or rush this. Eventually, the gecko will come out and investigate your hand.

Be aware of every signal that your pet gives because those are important. After developing trust, the gecko will let you pick it up. It will also signal when it wants to go back to its tank. With a little patience, you can create a bond with your leopard gecko.

Activities and Toys for a Leopard Gecko

You can make most of the toys your gecko needs on your own. Toys will make the tank more interesting and will enrich your gecko’s daily life. You can buy toys, but it will save a couple of bucks if you make them on your own.

Keep in mind that toys for your gecko do not need to be expensive or fancy. They can be anything to entertain your gecko when it is on its own. But remember not to change the layout of the tank more than every two to three months. The room temperature should be about 29.4 to 30 degrees Celsius to maintain the gecko’s optimal body temperature.


Playing or spending time with your leopard gecko is a wonderful way to learn about its personality, and it can be entertaining for both of you. When your gecko feels safe and comfortable, it will be happy to hang out with you.

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