The Joy of the Student Years

It’s not hard to see that the demand for jobs is changing more and more every day. There is a demand for people to work remotely more than to sit in an office. That’s what most students are doing these days. After all, it’s easier to be a paper writer or help with homework and get paid for it than to sit in an office from morning to night and not know what’s next. Today’s world is very noncontinuous.

Students retype or translate texts, provide writing services for essays, labs, tests and term papers, practice reports, and diplomas on assigned topics. In addition, they sell their own work several times over to students of other courses, faculties and universities that, for whatever reason, can not or do not want to write them themselves.

Finding clients with the Internet is not difficult – it is important to earn a good reputation, and this requires a good knowledge of the subject and coherent presentation of your thoughts. Teachers should not have claims to the student work, and the customer – to its author. Otherwise you won’t get any clients.

Competently made work pays well, but not every job seeker will accept it, because it requires meticulousness, assiduity and knowledge. Students who can draw, draw and solve problems can also easily make money doing this.

The Internet provides other options for earning money as well.

How NOT to try to make money as a student, so as not to lose time, money, and freedom.

Definitely you should not make money the unfair way, getting involved in all sorts of ventures, scams and pyramid schemes. If a stranger offers you a seemingly simple job, for which you supposedly will receive immeasurable money, then it’s one of the alarm bells.

Remember! Free cheese comes only in a mousetrap.

Recently I watched a program on TV about fraudsters who, under the pretext of easy work for students, took their passports and opened fake fly-by-night companies, and then through them withdrew the criminal money.

So students could simply end up in jail because of their naivety and legal illiteracy.

Be vigilant and don’t risk your good name and money to get rich quick.

Writing and selling articles

It is enough only to be able to write beautifully and register at one of the exchanges, chosen depending on your preferences and abilities.

Beginners in rewriting and copywriting should start with the copywriting exchange The site has loyal moderators, offers easy navigation and good earnings, depending on the rating. Here you can also place orders for money, you only need to submit your proposal and wait for the message that we were appointed as an executor. At the same site, you can also put up for sale any of your photos, which we believe turned out to be successful.

One more popular exchanger, where you can earn money by copywriting, rewriting, fulfilling orders or putting your own articles for sale, is

Advego exchange gives a lot of opportunities to earn money online. The exchange is for those who have, as they say, got the hang of copywriting and write almost perfectly, without spelling, grammar and stylistic errors.

Probably, someone will be satisfied with the conditions offered by the exchange, where earnings depend on a rating: for each purchased article they charge one point, the high rating provides greater popularity and, therefore, with rating growth articles will be sold more expensive. More details about registration, payment principles and order execution can be found directly on the sites themselves.

Can it be corrected

Raising your earnings is real! However, you must try. To have a high and stable income is not necessary to be in the office. Progress is not standing still, and everyone who wants to work does it remotely, through the Internet.

Are you at university half the day? Not a problem – get yourself a part-time job for the evening. Type text to order, engaged in promotion of sites, promotion, design. The network will find work and future journalists, an architect, and programmer, and a medic.

Shy to talk to employers face to face? Get in touch with them online. Discuss jobs, duties, and terms through social networks and communication apps.

No experience? Not a problem either. If you’re good at programming, great at writing essays, or know how to connect with people, chances are you’ll get it done. You just need to improve your skills and understand more thoroughly the chosen field of work.

The Internet is a multi-billion dollar industry where everyone will find their calling. Nowadays, organizations are looking more for remote employees, as it is profitable, convenient and prospective. Therefore, even a student can easily find a suitable job on the Internet.

Earnings from photobanks

Students who are passionate about photography can make money by selling their own pictures. Thanks to modern photographic equipment, even non-professionals can make pretty decent buyable pictures. The main thing is that they should be unique and nowhere else “shone”. Photos can be sold on special sites, on photobanks – (for beginners it is better to start with him), (here you can put up for sale and video, but the requirements for applicants are more stringent). And, of course, Successful photos from your smartphone can be “added” to the photobank thanks to the free Clashot app.


The joy of college years

Top ideas

Computer repair

Selling products from China

Blog on YouTube

SMM (creating your own social networking pages and monetizing them)

Write a book


Earnings on affiliate programs

Manicure business at home

Car service in a garage

Open your own production

Popcorn and cotton candy in the parks

USE preparation courses



Car service in the garage

Can’t imagine your life without cars and know them “from” and “to”? Then it’s time to think about opening a personal car service in your own garage! Anyone who dreams of opening a personal business, but is constrained in terms of money, fit the business idea. Note that such an organization has special requirements, and it must be registered in the tax office.

What services can provide auto service in the garage?

Painting work;

Basic repairs (body, engine, etc.);

Replacement of parts of the car.

In general, although a small car service is able to work as a complex STS, it is enough to create all the conditions for work, make repairs to visit and purchase equipment. It is better to have such a business together with a companion and work together. Income of 20,000 rubles will be provided.


If you are not satisfied with the classic life of a moneyless student, then useful tips will help you quickly organize a decent student earnings:

Do not overestimate the requirements for a potential employer or future income – you do not yet have any knowledge, experience or diploma, so be patient;

Do not agree to dubious ventures: pyramid schemes, sale of illegal substances, outright deception of customers, paid donation are forbidden;

To work without prejudice to your studies, even if your earnings begin to turn your head;

Do not get hung up on one way of earning money, especially if it does not bring the desired standard of living – try yourself in all areas;

Do not allow yourself to be cheated – you are a student in need of work, not a serf in a lord’s manor.

But the main rule still concerns the legitimacy of earnings. Don’t chase fast but dangerous money. It’s easy to break your life, it’s almost impossible to restore a lost reputation.

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