Where to Safely Travel to This Summer

After a long year of confusion and misinformation, it seems like the country is finally beginning to go back to normal. As things open up again, I’m looking forward to a summer filled with family, friends, and travel. Family vacations are perfect for spending quality time with your loved ones and sharing new experiences with your kids. However, with virus hysteria still relatively high in some areas, and many crowded spaces are still heavily controlled. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so here are some locations where your family can be safer if you travel this summer.

What qualifies as a safe place to travel to?

This is a great question. As we know, there’s really no way to perfectly prevent virus transmission. To keep your family as safe as possible, we recommend looking for a getaway that features some combination of these factors:

Lots of outdoor space and activities– Destinations that have lots of natural beauty and open outdoor space will be some of the safest for trips this summer. In these spots, outdoor activities like hiking and camping are more popular, meaning that your family can grab your gear, have a great time, and leave the face masks at home.

Low rates of virus transmission– Again, while this isn’t an exact science, it is just smart to avoid locations that have high rates of active symptoms. This way, you can focus on the fun and your family and not on everyone else around you.

Less crowded– I personally enjoy vacations that are peaceful and relaxing because they leave me refreshed and recharged. Even if you prefer more activity on your trips however, it’s probably best to avoid crowded, tourist-heavy spots for the foreseeable future. This way, you can keep your travel group from coming into contact with too many other people, helping your family stay safe and avoid the virus.

With that in mind, here are our suggestions for safe trips for the summer.

Moab, Utah

Talk about natural beauty! Utah often gets overlooked on lists like this, but Moab is home to some of the most scenic rock formations in the country. Here, your family can indulge in all sorts of safe activities like hiking the local trails and fishing. There’s so much to do here, and you’ll have no problem getting your kids to love the great outdoors.

San Jose, California

Located in beautiful Northern California, San Jose is another great option for a safer family vacation this summer. Escape the crowds of other bay area cities and instead take your family on a stroll through the iconic redwoods or other beautiful parks. The best part? You can always find affordable flights to San Jose, so you can take the whole family without breaking the bank.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Not too far from Denver, Colorado Springs is a hidden gem that your family will love. It’s nestled right in the mountains, and gorgeous outdoor scenery is never farther than 15 minutes away in this city. Looking for a picture-worthy destination without the strenuous hike? Check out Garden of the Gods, a beautiful nature park with paved, kid-friendly paths. We promise you’ll be glad you did.

Portland, Maine

For a slightly different type of natural beauty, head up the East Coast to Portland, Maine. Home to the very popular and original Get Maine Lobster Tails. This small city has beautiful summer weather, gorgeous rocky beaches, and dozens of amazing lighthouses. Grab a fresh lobster roll and spend the whole day by the water watching the seals play. With so much to explore and surprisingly low rates of the virus, you won’t even need to bring toys for the kids on this trip!

No matter how you’ve been affected (or not) by this past year, it’s always important to prioritize safety when you travel. Hopefully, these suggestions will help you and your family have a lovely and safe summer vacation.

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